Our Philosopy

We strongly believe that every single person should be prepared to take care of themselves, their family, their friends and their business should disaster strike and at the same time that our emergency service personnel be as prepared and equipped as they can be. Unfortunately emergency situations and disasters can strike at any time. They can come with some warning or happen suddenly and unexpectedly. The situation may be temporary or you may need to take care of yourself until help arrives. One thing we can all do is prepare ourselves with the knowledge, plans and necessary supplies.

While personal preparedness is critically important, we also strongly believe that first responders and organizations that assist in recovery must be prepared. Across the United States we count on these responders for help in all types of emergencies. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to charities and organizations that help in time of need, train and support those who respond and those that help us get our lives back to normal.

We intend our company to be the premier company in the preparedness industry. Our plan is to have the best products, the best resources and the best expert advise. As we assemble our products and our advisory team and experts, we welcome your thoughts, opinions and ideas on how to be better at what we do.