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Welcome to the 1-800-PREPARE Emergency Preparedness Information and Advice Center

Knowledge is one of the most important aspects of disaster planning and readiness. The more survival information we can acquire and the more disaster situation awareness we can attain, the better. Having disaster preparedness checklists readily available for study as well as situations, is paramount in importance. We have to be ready when confronted with emergencies.

Please visit our information and advice center as well as our blog frequently. We will continually update you with tips, checklists and ideas you’ll find useful should you ever be faced with an emergency situation. If there are subjects that you would like to learn more about—terrorism survival, emergency food supplies, how to assemble a basic 72-hour kit or anything else—please contact us. We welcome your inquiries and suggestions. In the meantime, please enjoy these survival tips and disaster planning ideas from some of America’sforemost experts.

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