Free Unique Content Program

Free Unique Content Program

Would you like well-written and informative articles on emergency preparedness and survival to publish on your website, for free? Our writers can write keyword-rich articles that will boost the reputation of your website and help drive more traffic to your website as well!

What’s the benefit to me?

You will get great articles and content for your blog or website. “Content is king” on the internet. If you provide valuable articles and content to your visitors on a regular basis, you will build a more loyal following and be rewarded by the search engines, which will bring you more visitors to your website.

Are these articles free?

Absolutely! All articles will be provided to you free of charge. We do ask that if you are happy with the quality of the article, that you (optionally) provide a link to our website at the bottom of each article.

Are these articles unique?

You won’t find the articles you get from us anywhere else on the internet. Every article will be custom written for you. We can write what you need upon request, with the tone and style you prefer or you can select one of our existing articles to be re-written..

How many articles can I get?

You can get your first FIVE articles right now. Contact us with your website name and URL, and we’ll send you the articles. Once those have been published on your website, you can request additional articles, up to 5 more per week.

What are the topics of the articles?

You can decide what sub-topic of preparedness best suits your website/newsletter audience and we will have articles written based on that. We can write on a variety of topics related to safety and preparedness and you’re sure to find some that will satisfy your readership.

In fact, here are some of the articles that we have waiting to distribute to the first publisher that claims them!

Cars and other Vehicles: 
Be Ready to Survive—In Your Vehicle

Guidelines for Talking to Your Children about Preparedness

College Students: 
Hurricanes – Preparing for “The Big One”
Tornado Aware Tornado Prepare

What College Students Need to Know for Emergency Preparedness

The Necessities of a Home Made Survival Kit
Survival Kits and Plans: Why you need to think About Preparedness
Make Your Own Survival Kit and Save Big! Here’s how!
How to Make your Own Survival Kit

Business Owners—You Need to Prepare for Emergencies Too

Natural Disasters and Your Pets
Protect Your Precious Pet from Disasters

Emergency Preparation for Traveling
Bartering:   Learn how bartering can help you in an emergency
Cars and other Vehicles: How to be prepared when in your car, truck, RV, boat or other vehicle
Children/Parenting:  How to talk to your children about preparedness.
Churches:   Making sure your church is well prepared
College Students:  How should college students go about preparing for an emergency
Communication:   Planning a communication strategy between family members during an emergency
Disasters:   How to prepare for each specific type of disaster
Eco/Green-Friendly:  How to stay eco/green-friendly while being prepared.
Elderly/Senior Citizens: What senior citizens and the elderly should prepare for in an emergency/disaster
History Of:   A history of survival preparedness
How-To:    How to prepare your own survival kits and preparedness plan
Office/Workplace:  How to be prepared in the office/workplace
Pets:    How to take care of your pets in an emergency/disaster
Resources:   Links to useful websites that contain important preparedness information
Special Needs/Disabilities: How to help prepare others with disabilities or special needs
Supplies:   Everything you need to know about kits, water, food, and other survival supplies
Technology - iPhone (Phones): How can you use iPhone features to help in an emergency
Technology - Social Networks: How social networks can help in emergency situations
Technology:    How to use technology to help in an emergency
Traveling:   How to be prepared when traveling domestically or out of the country
Volunteering:   How you can join CERT, citizen corps, or volunteer in your community

So we're waiting to hear from you so that we can answer any other questions you may have, or send your first five articles to you right away! Get your free articles by contacting us right now.