Expert Advisory Council

Paul Purcell

Paul Purcell is the lead security analyst and preparedness consultant for InfoQuest Investigators in Atlanta, GA. Having grown up in a military family that moved constantly, and having spent the early part of his career in hospitality industry risk management, Paul has been exposed to numerous risks, threats, disasters, and emergency situations.

Thomas Buda

Thomas J. Buda is currently with the U.S. State Department. In October of 2007 he was appointed as the Law Enforcement Liaison Officer at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In August 2006 while on active military duty he was asked to manage the DOD distinguished visitors program at the U.S. Mission and coordinate DOD contacts with the UN.

Dr. Maurice Ramirez

Founding member of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine serving to guide the development of the Academy prior to its incorporation as a separate entity from the American Board of Disaster Medicine.

Robin  Habeger

Robin Habeger is an active search and rescue canine handler in several organizations with experience responding to many different types of disasters and emergency situations. As part of several different search teams as a canine handler, Robin has responded to many different situations allowing her a balanced outlook on how canine search fits into the larger disaster response picture.

Peter Dandreano

Peter Dandreano is a Police Officer with the Town of Greenburgh, NY and has over 20 years Law Enforcement experience. In Greenburgh, he has been assigned to the Community Policing Unit, Emergency Medical Services and S.W.A.T. team.