Emergency Survival Supplies Every Company Should Buy

Emergency preparedness and planning doesn’t stop at home. Disaster readiness and survival planning should be an important part of every company’s policy. Most of us spend considerable amounts of our time at our company or corporate offices. This should prompt us to consider our readiness when on-the-job. First and foremost, consider the health and safety of your employees and clients who may be in your place of business. Isn’t it wise to have the necessary disaster supplies and equipment readily available should they have to escape from a situation or need to shelter in-place?

Survival Supplies for Your Company, Corporation or Organization

Consider first aids supplies, flashlights, emergency radios, food and water. In more dangerous situations such as a terrorist attack, an earthquake, hurricane or tornado, you should be prepared with additional items such as pry bars, shovels, whistles, helmets and specialty equipment. It is very important to review the types of disasters that could occur in your area and plan accordingly.

Where Should You Store the Disaster Supplies in Your Company?

We suggest you spread your emergency preparedness supplies around different parts of your office. In certain situations, particular areas of your office may be destroyed or unreachable. Additionally, people may be trying to get to the survival products which could cause panic situations. Consider the best option: Provide a personal survival kit for each employee to be kept in their offices!

This accomplishes several objectives. First, it gives each and every employee the necessary basic supplies to survive a catastrophe. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, having disaster supplies calms people down! People often panic when they feel helpless in emergency situations and can’t take care of themselves. Having a basic 3-Day Survival Kit with life-saving items nearby gives them a much greater comfort level. This assurance allows them to focus more on getting out of situations than panicking.

Providing personal preparedness kits for each employee also demonstrates that you care about them and their well-being. This would also hold true for presenting 72-hour kits to your clients as gifts for the holidays or “thank you’s” for their business. Can you imagine a more thoughtful and meaningful gift?

Lastly, we encourage you to take the time to educate your employees on what-to-do and not-to-do in emergencies. Consider basic disaster planning, emergency drills and monthly newsletters to promote safety with your employees. Help them to react more swiftly and safely in catastrophic situations.

We offer attractive discounts to companies for larger quantity survival kit orders as well as orders for individual survival items. Please contact us so we can prepare a custom quote for your survival readiness needs. We look forward to working with you!