Nuclear Attack Preparedness

A nuclear attack on the United States seems unlikely to some. However, the likelihood of a nuclear attack is a major concern to federal and state government officials, and everyone should prepare. In California, plans are underway to prepare for a nuclear event. The Los Angeles Daily News reports on the "Golden Phoenix," an exercise scheduled for 2010 that simulates the scenario of a 10-kiloton nuclear device detonated in Los Angeles:

"These aren't comfortable things to talk about, but it all begins with preparations," said Angelo Bellomo, the county director of environmental health who oversees the Radiation Management unit.

"We think this is a great opportunity for us to open a dialogue with the 88 cities so they can begin to amend their emergency plans to include planning for a nuclear device."

Some of the emergency plans involve locating old bomb shelters in government facilities and other buildings for residents to flee to. However, some are concerned that the shelters are not enough:

"I don't mean to minimize the efforts of Los Angeles County in creating fallout shelters," [Sharon] Packer, [executive director of the American Civil Defense Association] said. "It is very important and a wonderful first step. The larger concern, in my estimation, is in the protection of our electrical grid and the storage of additional transformers to assure the continuance of our infrastructure."

Preparing for a nuclear attack must be a part of your emergency plans. Read our articles on nuclear attack preparedness to learn specifics on what to do.